Distinguished researchers from Germany and abroad will address the following topics in their presentations:

  • Extreme nonlinear optics
  • Attosecond physics
  • Near-field enhancements
  • Strong-field electron emission
  • Synthetic light-matter systems
  • Topological photonics
  • Excitons in 2D hetero- and nanostructures

Besides contributions from our invited speakers, addtional contributions (talks and posters) will be selected by the commitee according to the submitted abstracts.


Tuesday, 24.09.2024 Poster Session
This session will highlight current research and provide an excellent opportunity to network with experts in the field. Engage with innovative ideas and discuss the latest advances in the interaction of light and matter.

Wednesday, 25.09.2024 15:00-16:00 Boat trip to Warnemünde
Join us on a unique journey along the Warnow from Rostock city harbor to Warnemünde with the shipping line "Blaue Flotte". This boat trip not only offers an idyllic backdrop but also an excellent opportunity to engage in professional discussions within the framework of the conference. Discover the charming sides of Rostock as you discuss with colleagues and experts, gaining new perspectives. Enjoy an unforgettable blend of professional discourse and maritime adventure! 
After the boat tour, participants will have the opportunity to explore the district of Warnemünde either independently or in smaller groups. Known for its picturesque lighthouse, sandy beaches, and vibrant promenade, Warnemünde offers a delightful mix of maritime history and modern seaside charm. Enjoy the chance to further immerse yourself in this coastal gem!
Please indicate your attendance during the registration process (each participant is responsible for covering the cost of the boat trip, which ranges between 15-17 €).

Thursday, 26.09.2024 18:00 Conference Dinner
Experience an unforgettable evening at Ratskeller12, where history and gastronomy intertwine in the heart of our city! Join us for an exclusive conference dinner in the historic vaults of the Rathaus. Indulge in culinary delights prepared from locally sourced ingredients while soaking in the ambiance of this iconic venue. The organizer will cover all expenses. We anticipate a delightful evening with you!
Please indicate your attendance during the registration process.

The detailed program will be posted online soon.