W05 - Controlling exciton migration in quasi-two-dimensional perovskite nanosheets

Project description

In project W05, we will study the exciton migration in quasi-two-dimensional perovskite nanosheets. Energy-landscape control will be achieved by colloidal synthesis of 2D Ruddlesden-Popper structures, which will be characterized in terms of crystallography and steady-state spectroscopy. A setup for time- and spatially resolved spectroscopy, including photoluminescence and transient absorption pump-probe experiments, will be built to study the spectrally and spatially resolved dynamics. Interpretation will be guided by atomistic density functional theory-based Hamiltonians and quantum dynamics methods with size-invariant scaling.

Cooperation projects

S01S02, S03, S04, S05, S06, W01, W02, W03, W04W06, W07


  • Formally Exact Simulations of Mesoscale Exciton Diffusion in a Light-Harvesting 2 Antenna Nanoarray
    L. Varvelo, J. K. Lynd, B. Citty, O. Kühn and D. I. G. B. Raccah
    J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 14, 3077-2983 (2023)
  • Synthesis, optoelectronic properties, and charge carrier dynamics of colloidal quasi-two-dimensional Cs3Bi2I9 perovskite nanosheets
    S. Ghimire, C. Rehhagen, S. Fiedler, R. Lesyuk, S. Lochbrunner and C. Klinke
    Nanoscale 15, 2096-2105 (2023)
  • Role of Magnetic Coupling in Photoluminescence Kinetics of Mn2+-Doped ZnS Nanoplatelets
    L. Dai, A. Torche, C. Strelow, T. Kipp, T. H. Vuong, J. Rabeah, K. Oldenburg, G. Bester, A. Mews, C. Klinke and R. Lesyuk
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14, 18806-18815 (2022)
  • Structural Reconstruction in Lead-Free Two-Dimensional Tin Iodide Perovskites Leading to High Quantum Yield Emission
    S. Ghimire, K. Oldenburg, S. Bartling, R. Lesyuk and C. Klinke
    ACS Energy Lett. 7, 975-983 (2022)

Project leaders

Prof. Christian Klinke
Phone: +49 (0)381 498 6860
Email: christian.klinkeuni-rostockde

Prof. Oliver Kühn
Phone: +49 (0)381 498 6950
Email: oliver.kuehnuni-rostockde


University of Rostock
Institute of Physics

Albert-Einstein-Str. 23
18059 Rostock