• Exploring new states of matter with a photonic emulator
    F. Karbstein, S. Stützer, H. Gies, and A. Szameit
    Phys. Rev. Research 3(4) L042036 (2023)
    involved projects: W01
  • Theory of nonlinear corner states in photonic fractal lattices
    B. Ren, Y. V. Kartashov, L. J. Maczewsky, M. S. Kirsch, H. Wang, A. Szameit, M. Heinrich and Y. Zhang
    Nanophotonics, 12(19), (2023)
    involved projects: W01, W02
  • A Perspective on Synthetic Dimensions in Photonics
    M. Ehrhardt, S. Weidemann, L. J. Maczewsky, M. Heinrich and A. Szameit
    Laser Photon. Rev., 17(7), (2023)
    involved projects: W01, W02
  • Supersymmetric Reshaping and Higher-Dimensional Rearrangement of Photonic Lattices
    T. A. W. Wolterink, M. Heinrich and A. Szameit
    Laser Photon. Rev., 17(10), (2023)
    involved projects: W01, W02
  • Order-Invariant Two-Photon Quantum Correlations in PT-Symmetric Interferometers
    T. A. W. Wolterink, M. Heinrich, S. Scheel and A. Szameit
    ACS Photonics, 10(10), 3451-3457 (2023)
    involved projects: W01, W02, W03
  • Laser-Pulse-Length Effects in Ultrafast Laser Desorption
    M. Schmidt, R. Irsig, D. Duca, C. Peltz, J. Passig, and R. Zimmermann
    Analytical Chemistry 95(51),18776-18782 (2023)
    involved projects: S06
  • Tailoring quantum trajectories for strong-field imaging
    A. Sanchez, V. Tulsky, K. Amini, B. Bruner, G. Alon, M. Krüger, X. Liu, T. Steinle, D. Bauer, N. Dudovich, and J. Biegert
    Optica  10, 1729-1736 (2023)
    involved projects: S04
  • Rapid Spin Depolarization in the Layered 2D Ruddlesden–Popper Perovskite (BA)(MA)PbI
    M. A. Kempf, P. Moser, M. Tomoscheit, J. Schröer, J.-C. Blancon, R. Schwartz, S. Deb, A. Mohite, A. V. Stier, J. J. Finley and T. Korn
    ACS Nano Article 17(24),25459-25467 (2023)
    involved projects: W04
  • Density Functional Theory Study of Inducing Piezoelectric Response via Functionalization of a Sc2C Nanosheet: Implications for Energy Conversion and Storage
    K. E. El-Kelany, S. Abdel-Azeim, O. Kühn, A. Elzatahry and M. F. Shibl
    ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 6, 14040–14048 (2023)
    involved projects: W04
  • Strong Quenching of Dye Fluorescence in Monomeric Perylene Orange/TMDC Hybrid Structures
    T. Völzer, A. Schubert, E. von der Oelsnitz, J. Schröer, I. Barke, R. Schwartz, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, S. Speller, T. Korn and S. Lochbrunner
    Nanoscale Adv. 5, 3348-3356 (2023)
    involved projects: W04, W06
  • Comparison of Frenkel and Excimer Exciton Diffusion in Perylene Bisimide Nanoparticles
    C. Rehhagen, S. Rafiq, K. N. Schwarz, G. D. Scholes and S. Lochbrunner
    J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 14, 4490-4496 (2023)
    involved projects: ​​​​​W06
  • Janus-type emission of a Cyclometalated Iron(III) complex
    J. Steube, A. Kruse, O. S. Bokareva, T. Reuter, S. Demeshko, R. Schoch, M. A. Argüello Cordero, A. Krishna, S. Hohloch, F. Meyer, K. Heinze, O. Kühn, S. Lochbrunner and M. Bauer
    Nature Chem. 15, 468-474 (2023)
    involved projects: W04, W06
  • Synthesis, optoelectronic properties, and charge carrier dynamics of colloidal quasi-two-dimensional Cs3Bi2I9 perovskite nanosheets
    S. Ghimire, C. Rehhagen, S. Fiedler, U. Parekh, R. Lesyuk, S. Lochbrunner and C. Klinke
    Nanoscale 15, 2096-2105 (2023)
    involved projects: W03, W05, W06
  • Efficient Indirect Interatomic Coulombic Decay Induced by Photoelectron Impact Excitation in Large He Nanodroplets
    L. Ben Ltaief, K. Sishodia, S. Mandal, S. De, S. R. Krishnan, C. Medina, N. Pal, R. Richter, T. Fennel and M. Mudrich
    Phys. Rev. Lett. (accepted 2023)
    involved projects: S03, S05
  • Tracing attosecond electron emission from a nanometric metal tip
    P. Dienstbier, L. Seiffert, T. Paschen, A. Liehl, A. Leitenstorfer, T. Fennel and P. Hommelhoff 
    Nature 616, 702-706 (2023)
    involved projects: S05
  • Steering edge currents through a Floquet topological insulator
    H. Drüeke, M. Meschede and D. Bauer
    Phys. Rev. Research 5, 023056 (2023)
    involved projects: W01
  • Formally Exact Simulations of Mesoscale Exciton Diffusion in a Light-Harvesting 2 Antenna Nanoarray
    L. Varvelo, J. K. Lynd, B. Citty, O. Kühn and D. I. G. B. Raccah
    J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 14, 3077-2983 (2023)
    involved projects: W04, W05
  • Formation of the solid-state high-order harmonic generation plateau through destructive interference
    L. Bielke, H. Jürß, V. Burgtorf and D. Bauer
    Phys. Rev. A 107, 033111 (2023)
    involved projects: S01
  • The N-shaped partition method: A novel parallel implementation of the Crank Nicolson algorithm
    Y. Lutsyshyn, F. Navarrete and D. Bauer
    Comput. Phys. Commun. 287, 108713 (2023)
    (also available on arXiv)
    involved projects: S01, S04, W01
  • Three-dimensional femtosecond snapshots of isolated faceted nanostructures
    A. Colombo, S. Dold, P. Kolb, N. Bernhardt, P. Behrens, J. Correa, S. Düsterer, B. Erk, L. Hecht, A. Heilrath, R. Irsig, N. Iwe, J. Jordan, B. Kruse, B. Langbehn, B. Manschwetus, F. Martinez, K.-H. Meiwes-Broer, K. Oldenburg, C. Passow, C. Peltz, M. Sauppe, F. Seel, R. M. P. Tanyag, R. Treusch, A. Ulmer, S. Walz, T. Fennel, I. Barke, T. Möller, B. von Issendorff and D. Rupp
    Science Advances 9, eade5839 (2023)
    involved projects: S04S05, S06
  • Valley-magnetophonon resonance for interlayer excitons
    D. S. Smirnov, J. Holler, M. Kempf, J. Zipfel, P. Nagler, M. V. Ballottin, A. A. Mitioglu, A. Chernikov, P. C. M. Christianen, C. Schüller and T. Korn
    2D Materials 9, 045016 (2023)
    involved projects: W02, W04
  • Attosecond field emission
    H. Y. Kim, M. Garg, S. Mandal, L. Seiffert, T. Fennel and E. Goulielmakis
    Nature 613, 662-666 (2023)
    involved projects: S02, S05
  • Three-dimensional non-Abelian quantum holonomy
    V. Neef, J. Pinske, F. Klauck, L. Teuber, M. Kremer, M. Ehrhardt, M. Heinrich, S. Scheel and A. Szameit
    Nature Physics 19, 30-34 (2023)
    involved projects: W01
  • The Scatman: an approximate method for fast wide-angle scattering simulations
    A. Colombo, J. Zimmermann, B. Langbehn, T. Moller, C. Peltz, K. Sander, B. Kruse, P. Tümmler, I. Barke, D. Rupp and T. Fennel
    J. Appl. Cryst. 55, 1232-1246 (2022)
    involved projects: S04, S06
  • Benzothiazol picolin/isonicotinamides molecular switches: expectations and reality
    A. Georgiev, V. Deneva, D. Yordanov, T. Völzer, S. Wolter, F. Fennel, S. Lochbrunner and L. Antonov
    J. Mol. Liq. 356, 118968 (2022)
    involved projects: S01, W06
  • Photonic topological insulator induced by a dislocation in three dimensions
    E. Lustig, L. J. Maczewsky, J. Beck, T. Biesenthal, M. Heinrich, Z. Yang, Y. Plotnik, A. Szameit and M. Segev
    Nature 609, 931-935 (2022)
    involved projects: W01
  • Petahertz-scale spectral broadening and few-cycle compression of Yb:KGW laser pulses in a pressurized, gas-filled hollow-core fiber
    Z. Pi, H. Y. Kim and E. Goulielmakis
    Opt. Lett. 47, 5865-5868 (2022)
    involved projects: S02, S05
  • News & Views: Optically sensing topological phase transitions
    D. Bauer
    Nat. Photon. 16, 614-615 (2022)
    involved projects: S01, W01
  • Topological edge-state contributions to high-order harmonic generation in finite flakes
    H. Jürß and D. Bauer
    Phys. Rev. B 106, 054303 (2022)
    involved projects: S01
  • News & Views: Intense light drives band closure
    D. Bauer
    Nat. Photon. 16, 406-407 (2022)
    involved projects: S01
  • Topological triple phase transition in non-Hermitian Floquet quasicrystals
    S. Weidemann, M. Kremer, S. Longhi and A. Szameit
    Nature 601, 354-359 (2022)
    involved projects: W01
  • Topologically protected frequency control of broadband signals in dynamically modulated waveguide arrays
    F. S. Piccioli, A. Szameit and Iacopo Carusotto
    Phys. Rev. A 105, 053519 (2022)
    involved projects: W01
  • Observation-dependent suppression and enhancement of two-photon coincidences by tailored losses
    M. Ehrhardt, M. Heinrich and A. Szameit
    Nature Photonics 16, 191-195 (2022)
    involved projects: W01, W02
  • Getting topological photonics out of the laboratory
    B. Zhen,  A. Blanco Redondo, A. Szameit and P. Genevet 
    Nature Communications 13, 2249 (2022)
    involved projects: W01
  • Bimorphic Floquet topological insulators
    G. G. Pyrialakos, J. Beck, M. Heinrich, L. J. Maczewsky, N. V. Kantartzis, M. Khajavikhan, A. Szameit and D. N. Christodoulides 
    Nature Materials 21, 634-639 (2022)
    involved projects: W01, W02
  • A braid for light
    S. Scheel and A. Szameit 
    Nature Photonics 16, 344-345 (2022)
    involved projects: W01, W03
  • Fractal photonic topological insulators
    T. Biesenthal, L. J. Maczewsky, Z. Yang, M. Kremer, M. Segev, A. Szameit and M. Heinrich
    Science 376, 1114-1119 (2022)
    involved projects: W01, W02
  • Observation of photonic constant-intensity waves and induced transparency in tailored non-Hermitian lattices
    A. Steinfurth, I. Krešić, S. Weidemann, M. Kremer, K. G. Makris, M. Heinrich, S. Rotter and A. Szameit
    Science Advances 8, eabl7412 (2022)
    involved projects: W01, W02
  • Observation of Anderson localization beyond the spectrum of the disorder
    A. Dikopoltsev, S. Weidemann, M. Kremer, A. Steinfurth, H. Herzig Sheinfux, A. Szameit and M. Segev
    Science Advances 8, eabn7769 (2022)
    involved projects: W01
  • High harmonic generation in condensed matter
    E. Goulielmakis and T. Brabec
    Nat. Photonics 16, 411-421 (2022)
    involved projects: S02, S05
  • Few-femtosecond resolved imaging of laser-driven nanoplasma expansion
    C. Peltz, J. A. Powell, P. Rupp, A. Summers, T. Gorkhover, M. Gallei, I. Halfpap, E. Antonsson, B. Langer, C. Trallero-Herrero, C. Graf, D. Ray, Q. Liu, T. Osipov, M. Bucher, K. Ferguson, S. Möller, S. Zherebtsov, D. Rolles, E. Rühl, G. Coslovich, R. N. Coffee, C. Bostedt, A. Rudenko, M. F. Kling and T. Fennel
    New J. Phys. 24, 043024 (2022)
    involved projects: S03, S06
  • Role of Magnetic Coupling in Photoluminescence Kinetics of Mn2+-Doped ZnS Nanoplatelets
    L. Dai, A. Torche, C. Strelow, T. Kipp, T. H. Vuong, J. Rabeah, K. Oldenburg, G. Bester, A. Mews, C. Klinke and R. Lesyuk
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14, 18806-18815 (2022)
    involved projects: W03, W05
  • Structural Reconstruction in Lead-Free Two-Dimensional Tin Iodide Perovskites Leading to High Quantum Yield Emission
    S. Ghimire, K. Oldenburg, S. Bartling, R. Lesyuk and C. Klinke
    ACS Energy Lett. 7, 975-983 (2022)
    involved projects: W03, W05