W02 - Integrating 2D crystals and waveguide circuits: Active components and versatile exciton spectroscopy

Project description

In project W02, we will explore previously inaccessible features of the unique excitonic properties of transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) by establishing tailored near-surface interactions between TMDCs and laser-written freeform optical pathways within a carrier chip.  The fundamental insights and technological advances developed in the process will allow us to incorporate TMDC-augmented waveguides and characterize their enhanced optical nonlinearity, as well as the non-Hermitian dynamics mediated by their absorption and optical gain. Our project intends to pave the way towards harnessing two-dimensional materials as functional elements in a new class of advanced photonic circuitry.

Cooperation projects

S01S02S04S06, W01W03, W04, W05, W06, W07


  • Valley-magnetophonon resonance for interlayer excitons
    D. S. Smirnov, J. Holler, M. Kempf, J. Zipfel, P. Nagler, M. V. Ballottin, A. A. Mitioglu, A. Chernikov, P. C. M. Christianen, C. Schüller and T. Korn
    2D Materials 9, 045016 (2023)
  • Observation-dependent suppression and enhancement of two-photon coincidences by tailored losses
    M. Ehrhardt, M. Heinrich and A. Szameit
    Nature Photonics 16, 191-195 (2022)
  • Bimorphic Floquet topological insulators
    G. G. Pyrialakos, J. Beck, M. Heinrich, L. J. Maczewsky, N. V. Kantartzis, M. Khajavikhan, A. Szameit and D. N. Christodoulides 
    Nature Materials 21, 634-639 (2022)
  • Fractal photonic topological insulators
    T. Biesenthal, L. J. Maczewsky, Z. Yang, M. Kremer, M. Segev, A. Szameit and M. Heinrich
    Science 376, 1114-1119 (2022)
  • Observation of photonic constant-intensity waves and induced transparency in tailored non-Hermitian lattices
    A. Steinfurth, I. Krešić, S. Weidemann, M. Kremer, K. G. Makris, M. Heinrich, S. Rotter and A. Szameit
    Science Advances 8, eabl7412 (2022)

Project leaders

Dr. Matthias Heinrich
Phone: +49 (0)381 498 6796
Email: matthias.heinrichuni-rostockde

Prof. Tobias Korn
Phone: +49 (0)381 498 6820
Email: tobias.kornuni-rostockde


University of Rostock
Institute of Physics

Albert-Einstein-Str. 23
18059 Rostock