International Conference on Light-Matter-Interactions at Interfaces

How can we explore and harness the structure and dynamics of matter?

An efficient method is irradiation with light. For instance, light-driven matter generates new, ultrashort pulsed light that can be utilized for in-depth investigations with even higher temporal resolution in the attosecond range
(10-18 seconds) – a groundbreaking development honored with the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2023.

The Collaborative Research Center LiMatI at the University of Rostock focuses on various aspects of light-matter interaction at interfaces and is organizing a major international conference in September 2024.

The conference not only allows young scientists from the Collaborative Research Center to share their latest findings through short presentations and poster sessions but also offers the opportunity to benefit from the extensive expertise of the participants.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Michael Bauer
    (CAU Kiel)
  • Christoph Bostedt
  • Francesca Calegari
    (DESY Hamburg)
  • Andrés Castellanoz-Gómez
    (CSIC Madrid)
  • Nirit Dudovich
    (Weizmann Institute)
  • Martin Garcia
    (University of Kassel)
  • Markus Gräfe
    (University of Darmstadt)
  • Stefanie Gräfe
    (FSU Jena)
  • Rupert Huber
    (University of Regensburg)
  • Mack Kira
    (University of Michigan)
  • Christoph Lienau
    (University of Oldenburg)
  • Marco Ornigotto
    (Tampere University)
  • Bärbel Rethfeld
    (RPTU KL-Landau)
  • Kai Rossnagel
    (DESY Hamburg/CAU Kiel)
  • Sangeeta Sharma
    (MBI Berlin)
  • Ursula Wurstbauer
    (University of Münster)