S05 - Attosecond photoemission from metallic nanotips and surfaces

Project description

In project S05, we will use sub-femtosecond optical pulses to study the strong field photoemission in nanotips and to generate and measure attosecond electron pulses. Aiming at electron energies within the applicability range of low-energy electron diffraction we will explore the possibility of using these pulses to push the frontiers of time-resolved electron microscopy into the attosecond domain. Experiment and theory will join forces to unravel the role of collective, many-particle, and quantum effects in the physics of the strong-field interaction.

Cooperation projects

S01S02, S03, S04, S06, W01, W03, W04, W05, W06, W07


  • Spectroscopic Signatures of Plasmonic Near-Fields on High-Harmonic Emission
    S.A. Jalil, K.M. Awan, J. Baxter, G. Bart, D.N. Purschke, T. Fennel, D.M. Villeneuve, A. Staudte, P. Berini, T. Brabec, L. Ramunno, and G. Vampa
    Laser Photonics Rev 17(12), 2300448 (2023)
    involved projects: S03, S05
  • Generation of Large Vortex-Free Superfluid Helium Nanodroplets
    A. Ulmer, A. Heilrath, B. Senfftleben, S.M.O. O'Connell-Lopez, B. Kruse, L. Seiffert, K. Kolatzki, B. Langbehn, A. Hoffmann, T.M. Baumann, R. Boll, A.S. Chatterley, A. De Fanis, B. Erk, S. Erukala, A.J. Feinberg, T. Fennel, P. Grychtol, R. Hartmann, M. Ilchen, M. Izquierdo, B. Krebs, M. Kuster, T. Mazza, J. Montaño, G. Noffz, D.E. Rivas, D. Schlosser, F. Seel, H. Stapelfeldt, L. Strüder, J. Tiggesbäumker, H. Yousef, M. Zabel, P. Ziolkowski, M. Meyer, Y. Ovcharenko, A.F. Vilesov, T. Möller, D. Rupp and R.M.P. Tanyag
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 131(7), 076002 (2023)
  • Efficient Indirect Interatomic Coulombic Decay Induced by Photoelectron Impact Excitation in Large He Nanodroplets
    L. Ben Ltaief, K. Sishodia, S. Mandal, S. De, S. R. Krishnan, C. Medina, N. Pal, R. Richter, T. Fennel and M. Mudrich
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 131(2), 023001, (2023)
  • Tracing attosecond electron emission from a nanometric metal tip
    P. Dienstbier, L. Seiffert, T. Paschen, A. Liehl, A. Leitenstorfer, T. Fennel and P. Hommelhoff 
    Nature 616, 702-706 (2023)
  • Three-dimensional femtosecond snapshots of isolated faceted nanostructures
    A. Colombo, S. Dold, P. Kolb, N. Bernhardt, P. Behrens, J. Correa, S. Düsterer, B. Erk, L. Hecht, A. Heilrath, R. Irsig, N. Iwe, J. Jordan, B. Kruse, B. Langbehn, B. Manschwetus, F. Martinez, K.-H. Meiwes-Broer, K. Oldenburg, C. Passow, C. Peltz, M. Sauppe, F. Seel, R. M. P. Tanyag, R. Treusch, A. Ulmer, S. Walz, T. Fennel, I. Barke, T. Möller, B. von Issendorff and D. Rupp
    Science Advances 9(8), eade5839 (2023)
  • Attosecond field emission
    H. Y. Kim, M. Garg, S. Mandal, L. Seiffert, T. Fennel and E. Goulielmakis
    Nature 613, 662-666 (2023)
  • Petahertz-scale spectral broadening and few-cycle compression of Yb:KGW laser pulses in a pressurized, gas-filled hollow-core fiber
    Z. Pi, H. Y. Kim and E. Goulielmakis
    Opt. Lett. 47(22), 5865-5868 (2022)
  • HHigh harmonic generation in condensed matter
    E. Goulielmakis and T. Brabec
    Nat. Photonics 16(6), 411-421 (2022)

Project leaders

Prof. Eleftherios Goulielmakis
Phone: +49 (0)381 498 6800
Email: eleftherios.goulielmakisuni-rostockde

Prof. Thomas Fennel
Phone: +49 (0)381 498 6815
Email: thomas.fenneluni-rostockde


Dr. Hee-Yong Kim
Tel.: +49 (0)381 498 6808
Email: hee-yong.kimuni-rostockde

Dr. Lennart Seiffert
Tel.: +49 (0)381 498 6819
Email: lennart.seiffertuni-rostockde

M.Sc. Anne Herzig
Tel.: +49 (0)381 498 6819
Email: anne.herziguni-rostockde


University of Rostock
Institute of Physics

Albert-Einstein-Str. 23
18059 Rostock