W07 - Interface engineering of luminescent defects in 2D materials

Project description

In project W07, we will encapsulate fluorescent molecules into Boron Nitride multilayers, at a sufficiently low density that single molecules can be observed in a diffraction-limited confocal microscope. We will perform low-temperature spectroscopy of the resulting systems, in the spirit of single-molecule experiments in organic matrices. These experiments will be supported by electronic structure theory and molecular dynamics simulations. The single emitters will finally be used as point sources in optical near-field microscopy, aiming to study Förster energy transfer into other systems of the CRC and beyond.

Cooperation projects

S01S02, S03, S04, S05, S06, W01, W02, W03, W04, W05, W06

Project leaders

Prof. Friedemann Reinhard
Phone: +49 (0)381 498 6840
Email: friedemann.reinharduni-rostockde

Prof. Oliver Kühn
Phone: +49 (0)381 498 6950
Email: oliver.kuehnuni-rostockde


University of Rostock
Institute of Physics

Albert-Einstein-Str. 23
18059 Rostock